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note* This is not towards to regular godzilla fans. Am just listing on what godzilla fanboys do, this is just a joke and not to be taking seriously .

1. Says godzilla can never die.

2. Says anguirus is nothing compare to godzilla.

3. Can't accept Godzilla 1998 as a 'decent' Godzilla film.

4. Bash on people who are a fan of zilla.

5. Comparing the showa series to the other series as better.

6. Bash on gamera.

7.Says godzilla 2014 sucks because godzilla only showed up in 5 minutes in the film.

8. Demand bandi to release Godzilla ps3 to america.

These are the list can think of opinions are welcome
So get this, no only are we getting Jurassic Park 4(next year), a Gamera reboot(next year), Pacific Rim 2(2017), and Godzilla 2(2018) but Toho has officially announced that they're currently in the works to produce another traditional Japanese Godzilla film that's slated for release in 2016. The full article can be found here… .
We had to wait 10 years for Godzilla to finally reemerge from the ocean; we had to wait 13 years for Jurassic Park to reopen.…
okay, I could sound all professional here and make some big speech in legal terms and mumbo jumbo but I wont .... because im a real person, you all are real people and we are all artists .... and apparently we all love giant monsters and robots lol......

well im involved in the creation of a card game currently.... and we need various original art pieces based off the aforementioned giant monsters and robots for it ... its a serious project that at this point is set for national distribution in game shops everywhere..... I legally cannot discuss the details of the game itself or the story line , but I can and will say this .... is there are any card game players that play magic or pokemon ect .... this blows them all away .... the test players have all said its putting the fun back in playing collectable card games ....

there are a lot of fantastic artists here on deviant art .... and that's why I belived the art community here would be the perfect place to find great artists for a great game...
so please if anyone in this group is interested in being a part of something and having their art work displayed everywhere private message me for the details and legal contracts ....

huge thanks for accepting me into the group and I really hope it helps finish us getting the artists we need for this so we can finish it and get it out there ....

If you guys didn't receive the news from :iconkaijusamurai: yet, then here it is: Godzilla's full mugshot in all its glory :headbang:… . While I think he could of looked better, I won't complain because for the most part... I really do like his design :lol:. For once, my expectations have actually been met as he carries the basic traits of Godzilla but possesses more "dino-like" features. Plus, I find his new expression interesting as he isn't straight-up angry in this pic so maybe, just maybe... Godzilla might actually show emotion in his face this time around :iconhappyguyplz:. I can't wait to see his angry face though and I can't wait to see him in action :headbang:. While I was angry with Legendary Pictures a while back due to their reluctance to release anything about the new film, I think I've finally been appeased :lol:. I thank Legendary for making Godzilla look good and I hope they do the same for rest of the film :).

Jurassic Park 4 or... "Jurassic World" as it's now called has been given a release date and a couple of other small details were revealed… . While my hopes aren't too high, I'm still damn sure that the dinosaur effects will look great as always :headbang:. Just please don't kill off the T-rex so fast :iconfacepalmplz:.

Lastly, Transformers 4 has finally been given a legit title and has been hinted at having the Dinobots… . My hopes for the film are pretty static as I've never been a huge Transformers fan but I've always found enjoyment out of the films and the cartoons. If this film turns out to be as fun as the previous 3 films then I'll be satisfied :).

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