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If you guys didn't receive the news from :iconkaijusamurai: yet, then here it is: Godzilla's full mugshot in all its glory :headbang:… . While I think he could of looked better, I won't complain because for the most part... I really do like his design :lol:. For once, my expectations have actually been met as he carries the basic traits of Godzilla but possesses more "dino-like" features. Plus, I find his new expression interesting as he isn't straight-up angry in this pic so maybe, just maybe... Godzilla might actually show emotion in his face this time around :iconhappyguyplz:. I can't wait to see his angry face though and I can't wait to see him in action :headbang:. While I was angry with Legendary Pictures a while back due to their reluctance to release anything about the new film, I think I've finally been appeased :lol:. I thank Legendary for making Godzilla look good and I hope they do the same for rest of the film :).

Jurassic Park 4 or... "Jurassic World" as it's now called has been given a release date and a couple of other small details were revealed… . While my hopes aren't too high, I'm still damn sure that the dinosaur effects will look great as always :headbang:. Just please don't kill off the T-rex so fast :iconfacepalmplz:.

Lastly, Transformers 4 has finally been given a legit title and has been hinted at having the Dinobots… . My hopes for the film are pretty static as I've never been a huge Transformers fan but I've always found enjoyment out of the films and the cartoons. If this film turns out to be as fun as the previous 3 films then I'll be satisfied :).
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September 11, 2013


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