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I saw the film yesterday and after a long 2 year wait and as a monster movie lover, I have to say that any expectation that I had for this movie was surpassed :headbang:. Pacific Rim is one of those few movies where I can literally say that I was nearly pleased with 100% and even if the film isn't perfect, its flaws are not gaping. But of course, on to my thoughts :lol:.

:bulletblue:The Good:
The fight scenes are intense and they're unlike anything I've ever seen in any movie whatsoever, monster or not :D. There have been good monster movies and bad ones but the one thing that most have missed out on was "impact". Pacific Rim had this element in the film as every punch, explosion, and stomp in the film felt massive and up to scale with the giants. On top of that, every action the robots and monsters performed against each other looked like they hurt... a lot :iconhurtplz:. The soundtrack is also to get crushed for :iconbadassplz:. Seriously, check out the main theme song for the movie here… . The CG used for the monsters and robots are also amazing because nowadays when I see a movie with CG creatures, the CG is usually not up to par with the props but this time around, I literally felt like I was looking at something that exists :iconhappyguyplz:. Prior to Pacific Rim, only the Transformers films and Jurassic Park films had me for the kings of real looking CG creatures but now, Pacific Rim is up there with them :headbang:. Aside for the effects and fights, the human character elements (while flawed) were not boring for once. I always remembered sitting through a Godzilla film listening to boring human characters (that's not to say that there weren't those few films that had good characters) talk their way through the film but in this film, you connect with the characters on an emotional level and each one is unique and recognizable. I really had no problem with the cast at all and the comic relief characters were actually FUNNY and quite frankly, were important to the plot :iconhappyguyplz:. To also add to the awesomeness of the cast, we have Ellen McLain (who voices GLADOS from Portal) doing the voice of the Jaeger AI :iconheavyisastonished:. On a biological and technological scale, we learn nearly everything there is to know about the Kaiju and Jaeger which isn't a bad thing :headbang:. On top of all this, the story and setting is surprisingly believable and well written because not one moment in the film did I ever think to myself "this couldn't ever possibly happen" :iconlooolplz:.

:bulletred:The Bad:
There is so much good in this film that it's hard to find anything bad about it :lol:. The few things that I can think of are the main character, the pacing, and the screen time for some Kaiju and Jaegers. For one, I have nothing personal against the protagonist of the film but I felt as though he was underdeveloped. Seriously, we learned more about his partner Mako and his boss Stacker than we did with him. If we could've got more backstory for the protagonist, then I wouldn't have had a problem with that but this is just a minor gripe. I did have a small gripe with the pacing as well because despite the movie's 2 hour length, the film just ends so quickly that I thought the movie was a short film in general :XD:. Lastly, the Jaegers really got the short end of the stick in this film as most of them were killed off within the same time it took to introduce them and the other 20 Jaegers or so were killed off screen so in reality, we only see 4 of the legion of Jaegers and 2 of those 4 Jaegers are turned into monster chow before you can even blink :iconheavywutplz:. Plus, we did see some very interesting Kaiju that weren't on screen for too long but again, all of these complaints are minor as the good completely outweighs the bad in this film :iconcoolplz:.

In a nutshell, don't be one of those butthurt Evangelion fans who keep saying that this film is a ripoff because this movie is NOTHING like that show. To be honest, this movie was better than Evangelion (that's right, come at me bros :iconlooolplz:) because I didn't have to sit through an entire cast of COMPLETELY UNLIKABLE CHARACTERS just to see the fights that lasted 5 minutes with "Angels". But I digress :iconderpplz:. Seriously, this film is for anyone who is a fan of the mecha and kaiju genre and you'd be a complete moron to say you'd pass on it... so don't be a moron :lol:. Do yourself a favor and watch the shit out of this film, it's worth it :iconbisonyesplz:. I'll see you guys on the other side of the portal ;-).
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Submitted on
July 13, 2013